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Finger Buffet

Finger Buffet

A selection of bridge rolls and sandwiches including:
◊ Chicken & Mayonnaise
◊ Ham & Tomato
◊ Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
◊ Cheese & Chive

Aswell as a selection of bites
◊ Pizza/Quiche Lorraine
◊ Crudités & Dip /Sausage Rolls
◊ Assorted Fruit and Cheese Cubes
◊ Cocktail Sausages with a Mustard Dip
◊ Prawn Croustades/Crab and Prawn Barquettes
◊ Samosas

£10.25 per person

The above menu including Homemade Chocolate Éclairs and individual Meringue Nests with Fresh Fruit add £1 per person (£11.25 per person inclusive of cakes)

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